Tissot Medical Research SA is an ophthalmic device company founded in 2010 by medical technology entrepreneur Luc Tissot of the famed Swiss watch-making family.
Tissot Medical Research product consists of a pressure sensor embedded into a contact lens, that will be continuously seizing and recording the intraocular pressure. This new product is under development within our Swiss-based team of employees and technology partners – world renowned for their ability to produce highly accurate, miniaturized devices. The product will address an unmet need by rendering possible a continuous monitoring of the eye pressure, providing a new dimension to the glaucoma management.

Tissot medical Research is ISO13485 certified since 2015. The current certificate can be downloaded here.


Tissot Medical Research aspires to become a leading medical device developer and manufacturer in the ophthalmology field, providing state of the art products and technologies, which improve the quality of life and standard of treatment of the patients we serve. The company aims at reducing blindness risk by enabling better diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of glaucoma patients.