The Tissot-IOP system consists of three main elements:

The Smart Lens
It is inserted like a standard contact lens. The lens has a neutral optical correction and confers normal vision, maximal safety and comfort to the patient throughout the entire wear duration.

The Portable Reader
It is installed by the medical professional and consists of two elements: an antenna affixed around the patient eye ; and an electronic reader which continuously records the IOP.

The Software Interface
It is installed on a media platform, collecting the recorded data. The software allows to enter calibration parameters, specific to the patient, and to display the continuous IOP curve.


The Tissot-IOP system is a best-in-class Contact Lens Sensor system for continuous IOP measurement, inspired by gold standards in tonometry.
For the first time, glaucoma doctors can capture the full continuous IOP Curve of their patient, in mmHg units they are used to. This information is considered a “holy grail” for glaucoma because it allows a much higher degree of personalized treatment. It will reduce the risk of disease progression and related blindness, and ultimately improve the quality of life for patients.


The fundamental innovation is to enable continuous intraocular pressure (IOP) measurement and monitoring. This is achieved by encapsulating a capacitive sensor into a smart contact lens to be worn by a patient. Tissot-IOP sensor is designed to catch the IOP through the corneal wall thanks to protruding zones of the silicone smart lens, intending the cornea. The corneal response is measured by a capacitive sensor mounted in the contact lens worn by the patient. Its application to the eye is purposely easy and comfortable to the patient, allowing robust data capture and monitoring from outside medical environment. The Tissot-IOP system is covered by three granted patents.