Our company goal is preventing blindness for the estimated 80 million people who will suffer from glaucoma by 2020.


Our product, under development, addresses an unmet need by rendering accessible a continuous measurement of the intraocular pressure.


The key benefits for the medical professional and the patient is to increase the quality and relevance of diagnostic and treatment of glaucoma.


Pioneer spirit knows no age limit

Together they are 230 years old. And have just launched their third start-up. Luc Tissot and his two colleagues have developed special contact lenses that measure the internal pressure of the eye fluid. The know-how from precision mechanics is no...

An innovative Contact Lens for Glaucoma

EPFL researchers have participated in the development of a contact lens for the early detection of glaucoma. Clinical trials are being conducted at the CHUV. Glaucoma, which results from excessive pressure in the eye, is the second leading cause of...